Why Us?

  • » Quality bespoke experiences

    We partner with only the best in the industry, building high-quality, theme-based Odysseys. Our tours are not off-the-shelf products or clubbed with other groups, but carefully created experiences ensuring maximum excitement and enjoyment so you feel like a Diva throughout your journey!

  • » Don’t lift a finger!

    We do everything. So don’t worry about the hassle of planning and coordinating your holiday. Leave it to us! Whilst we generally don't include airfares, we can get it organized for you to provide the total package. Remember, these women-centric itineraries are carefully designed ‘By Divas’ ‘For Divas’, keeping to a relaxed pace, with no 7am departures. This leaves enough time to allow you to be pampered, indulged and share your adventures over dinner and a glass of bubbly.

  • » Adventure, Culture and Creative Satiety

    Most of our stays are at carefully selected boutique hotels–not the regular convention hotels with hordes of tourists. This allows you to experience the local flavors and have a vacation that combines adventure and culture. We also try to limit our tour stays to only two hotels to avoid the hassle of packing and unpacking.

  • » Experience the authenticity of a destination

    During your tour, we often guide you off the tourist track to explore little-known gems largely ‘undiscovered’ by crowds and free of excessive commercialism. This said, each aspect of the itinerary is carefully researched to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises.

  • » Experienced, knowledgeable, professional diva diplomats

    Since we are focused on small-groups, (never more than 16 divas per tour), we are able to offer personalized service for an exceptional intimate experience. All our tours are fully escorted and usually include dining at fine restaurants accompanied by local guides brimming with information, besides your diva diplomat.

  • » Traveling solo? Bond with the divas

    If you are traveling solo, we provide the ability for you to travel with a small group, whilst still maintaining your independence. We offer a buddy system for those who travel solo but want to take advantage of the twin share rate. Traveling with ladies allows you to be yourself and let your hair down. Connect and share rich travel experiences and return home with memories and friendships that can develop into bonds that last for a lifetime bring you back to travel together again and again.

You will see the World from a different viewpoint in each of these bespoke holidays. For example, you can have your own personal experience of ‘Julie and Julia’, or see the ‘place where the sky is born’, or go zorbing or bungy jumping with the world’s original bungy company ‘AJ Hackett Bungy’.