"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
- Saint Augustine of Hippo

Scuba dive with the Manta Rays, dine on the Great Wall of China, meet the komodo dragon, see how the world-famous mozzarella cheese is made, swim in the highest infinity pool in the world, explore the place ‘where the sky is born’,  see the spectacular architectural representation of the ‘Center of the Universe’, experience a real pirate treasure dig, enjoy a glass of limoncello in the playground of the Romans (Capri),  watch the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world from a Hot air balloon whilst sipping on a glass of bubbly.....

Whether its luxury massages and spa treatments in Bali, cooking classes in France or learning to belly Dance in Egypt, Diva Odysseys offers you a host of completely unique travel experiences.

Who We Are

Diva Odysseys is a fully licensed boutique tour operator that offers bespoke international luxury and special interest tours designed exclusively for the Discerning Diva.

Each of our tours are created with the objective of delivering incomparable travel experiences which is what differentiates us from other cookie-cutter packaged holidays. We let you experience not only the crown jewels, but also take you off the tourist track for an authentic experience of the location. So, a trip to France could find you enjoying not only French fine dining but also home fare in a French home, learning to cook the ‘French’ way and gauge a deeper understanding of French wines and, a jaunt in Singapore could bring you exclusive showings of the next seasons’ fashions and colors at an exclusive boutique guided by your own personal lifestyle consultant.

We do not pick a destination and market it to ‘single women’. Rather, we aim to facilitate ladies who want to travel, but do not wish to travel alone thereby enabling you divas to experience the local culture, landscapes, history, and cuisine, with the company of a small group of like-minded women travelers, and without the hassles of planning and coordinating. Each trip will also be personally escorted by Founder Neena Jhanjee or by a Diva Diplomat.

Our bevy of divas could include ladies who are married or single, young professionals or homemakers, educators, businesswomen as well as retired ageless women or empty-nesters who want to celebrate life! These are the awesome women who are adventurous, sophisticated and fun; are empowered to take life-decisions independently and who understand it’s as important to play hard as it is to work smart!!

We believe that a woman deserves time that is truly her own; especially if she has a high profile career and/or is busy being a mum. Let’s face it, when you take your husband and kids with you on a trip, you’re not really on vacation; you’re just taking the show on the road.

Besides, husbands aren’t really interested in taking cooking classes in France or learning to belly-dance in Egypt. But they would find comfort in the fact that their wives are traveling safely with an escorted group and coming back from their Odysseys with their dreams fulfilled.

So if you’re an extraordinary lady looking to try something new and want the perfect solution to traveling well, bring along your sister, mother, BFF or partner & join us now to get started on your memorable Odysseys!!!