Welcome Gorgeous

Congratulations on clicking the first click and kick-starting your Odyssey with us. The original Odyssey took about 10yrs but don’t fret, we promise these will be shorter, sweeter, pleasant and memorable!!!!

We bring luxury travel experiences designed exclusively for Discerning Divas across the globe! Our exceptional tours are created from 20years of travel across the world in the pursuit of unique and unforgettable travel experiences by the founder, Neena Jhanjee. She’s now committed to building a business out of sharing these experiences as services to inspire travel to the most amazing places, as you create lifetime memories and connect with like-minded women.

Why only women? Because we believe that a woman deserves time that is truly her own; especially if she has a high profile career and/or is busy being a mum. Let’s face it, when you take your husband and kids with you on a trip, you’re not really on vacation; you’re just taking the show on the road.

The great thing about the experience is that you get to interact with like-minded Divas without going through the hassle of planning and coordinating. The cherry on the top is that each trip is personally escorted by Neena or a Diva Diplomat.

So, pick and choose from our range of Upcoming Tours and get started on your Odysseys!!!